Minnihaha Falls & Yosemite Creek

Minnihaha Falls stream

Minnihaha Falls in North Katoomba is located downstream from Katoomba creek in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia. As far as tourist destinations go, it would be one of the less frequented locations…….however, it shouldn’t be. I hadn’t been here since my rock climbing days and I’d forgotten how beautiful this place is. Katoomba creek which is the catalyst for the spectacular Minnihaha falls is in it’s own right, stunning! As you can see in the above image the sandstone creek bed appears very “tiger like” with it’s colours and streaked patterns.

Minnihaha Falls panoramic

A short stroll brings you to the main falls and the wonderful rock pool which has formed at the base of the pool. I took a panoramic image of this scene to capture both the falls leading in as well as the rock pool in order to portray the small amphitheatre like atmosphere. I was with a good mate of mine, simone, a pro photographer herself, and we then proceeded to immerse ourselves with finding intriguing compositions of the area. I got down low for this shot as I wanted to make a strong composition with some nice blue water in the foreground.

Minnihaha falls upclose

I really enjoy going to the not so popular destinations around the Blue Mountains and showcasing them so that people will perhaps visit them at some stage on their journies. These prints are avaialble for purchasing here as well as many others. I took a stroll with a mate to some waterfalls around Lawson this morning, so stay tuned for more waterfall action in the next week….

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a few more from the area

Katoomba creekMinnihaha-FallsMinnihaha Falls Abstract

Reflections of a fern

I recently took a trip out to the Glow worm tunnel in the Wollemi National Park to have a look at some canyon type areas for possible images. What amazed me about this area was the incredible ferns that grew in such quantities and size. It was like being transported into some jurassic park like movie set at times, without the flesh eating dinosaurs of course. Coming across this image I noticed how the water in the pool was a strange orange in colour. This occurs when iron oxide deposits react with oxygen in the air, giving the rusty coloured effect in the water. This effect on the colour of the water makes for a great photo when coupled with the lush green ferns, creating a spectacular scene.

Reflections of a fern


I also managed to capture a few other images on the day including the iconic blue tongued lizard that you can see here on my Ben Pearse Photography facebook page. I look forward to returning to this area to experience and capture some more beautiful scenes. This image is available for purchase here. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Anzac day, take care……..

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more images from the same area…….enjoy

Glow worm tunnelFern Poolferns reaching for lightAbsence of light


Autumn in the Blue Mountains

Autumn at Wenty lake- April 2013

I took a trip to the beautiful Wentworth Falls lake in the Blue Mountains to see some Autumn colour………and it didn’t dissapoint. I have always enjoyed the distinctive 4 seasons that we encounter as mountains residents. Autumn in the mountains has always been one of my favourite times of year as the trees just explode with colour and vibrancy.  This shot is also another example of the great colour and light that was on display on the day.

Wentworth Falls lake located in the wentworth falls township is also home to many beautiful waterfalls and I would thoroughly recommend an exploration of this area as it has so much to offer as a destination for those inclined to explore the World Heritage listed blue mountains. It had been too long since I had visited this area and have vowed to get back here more often to explore some more photo opportunities. This photo and more are available for purchasing here.

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more from the day…

Wenty Lake in Autumn

Wenty Lake in Autumn

Streets aglow with colour

Streets aglow with colour

Weeping Rock- Leura

Weeping rockLocated down from Leura Cascades and under Bridal Veil falls in Leura, Weeping Rock is one of my favourite places to shoot waterfall photos. After arriving on this location I proceeded to get into the swing of things by wading into the water as usual. At one point I was up to my chest to get the angle I wanted for another shot. It was about then that I realised my phone was still in my pocket and currently 3 feet under water! So realising that the phone was probably stuffed by now I continued getting the shot I wanted and then went back to dry ground to see what sort of shape my blackberry was in……..I guess I wont be taking calls this afternoon then, totally soaked and beyond repair.
I have always enjoyed getting right into the bush and exploring all the little nooks and cranies. I think thats drew me into rockclimbing in the first place, the adventure of it all. So when I’m taking waterfall shots i’m often not happy until i’m waist deep in the water to get the shot. It’s like if I don’t get in and see if there is a better composition from the water it will bug me until I return. It is also about capturing the mood of a scene, the way the water looks, the light, colour, the lot and if I need to get closer to feel it, then so be it. I guess I just love water…..and being in it lol

So you will be sure to see more shots from this great location. This print is available for purchasing here.

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Blue Tongue Lizard


On a recent trip out to the beautiful Wollemi National Park  in NSW,  Australia we found the stunning blue toungued lizard casually lying across the forest roads. A little concerned for his safety I got a couple of photos before ushering him off to the side of the road, as I’m sure the forest trucks were not stopping to take pictures. Blue Tongues as they commonly known in Australia get their name from their amazing blue tongue they actually have. I tried in earnest to get him to show it but it was not to be.

This photo is latest edition of nature photos available for purchasing here. I have always enjoyed the variety of amazing wildlife that is on offer for viewing in the Blue Mountains. I have managed to capture a little of the wildlife in this area and you can see some of it here on my facebook page. I really look forward to seeing and capturing more wildlife as I come across it on my journies out in the bush. Please feel free to drop me a comment or share this blog or any photos that you like.

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Phanthom Falls in the Blue Mountains

Into the Light- Narrowneck Plateau- Katoomba, NSW, Australiau

On a recent trip out to Narrowneck plateau as I was taking photos looking out to the Jamison Valley, I got to witness the amazing Phantom Falls in action. Though it didn’t create the full waterfall looking apparition, it was still incredible. I really look forward to seeing more of this phenomenon for sure. This link explains how the right conditions are needed for the phantom falls to appear.

This photo which I have entitled Into the Light is the latest edition of print for sale.

Narrowneck Plateau has always been one of my favourite places to explore. I grew up in the Blue Mountains and my oldest brother  and I cut our teeth learning to rock climb in this area. It has been great to go back and explore and reminisce about our earlier adventures in this area. Coming back with a camera has been a really great experience and I look forward to spending more days wandering the area hoping to catch another glimpse of the Phantom!

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Welcome to the first blog here at benpearsephotography


Welcome to the first posting for Ben Pearse Photography. Firstly a big thanks to all of the incredible support I have received via my facebook page. I really didn’t think my photographic journey would be embraced by so many…….A huge thankyou for that! It makes a huge difference in knowing that people are really enjoying my photography.

So whats with the blogs then, you say. I thought I would give people, the option, to get a more in depth look at Ben Pearse Photography. I’m looking forward to sharing more regular photos and some of the behind the scenes processes and information in getting the photos to the selling floor. For me photography is really about showing you what I see when i’m out in the field. It’s about how I interpret the scene i’m looking at compared to everyone else and how i want you to see it too. I can’t think of a better area to live in and whilst other photographers might journey to other sides of the globe, i’m happy to stay focused right here for now. i just love it! There’s so much to show you…..

I hope in time that people will get an insight into my photography and what drives me to want to showcase the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia to the rest of the world. I hope you find the time to tune in when you can and see what I’ve been up to.

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