Blue Tongue Lizard


On a recent trip out to the beautiful Wollemi National Park  in NSW,  Australia we found the stunning blue toungued lizard casually lying across the forest roads. A little concerned for his safety I got a couple of photos before ushering him off to the side of the road, as I’m sure the forest trucks were not stopping to take pictures. Blue Tongues as they commonly known in Australia get their name from their amazing blue tongue they actually have. I tried in earnest to get him to show it but it was not to be.

This photo is latest edition of nature photos available for purchasing here. I have always enjoyed the variety of amazing wildlife that is on offer for viewing in the Blue Mountains. I have managed to capture a little of the wildlife in this area and you can see some of it here on my facebook page. I really look forward to seeing and capturing more wildlife as I come across it on my journies out in the bush. Please feel free to drop me a comment or share this blog or any photos that you like.

see you out there….

cheers Ben


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