Autumn in the Blue Mountains

Autumn at Wenty lake- April 2013

I took a trip to the beautiful Wentworth Falls lake in the Blue Mountains to see some Autumn colour………and it didn’t dissapoint. I have always enjoyed the distinctive 4 seasons that we encounter as mountains residents. Autumn in the mountains has always been one of my favourite times of year as the trees just explode with colour and vibrancy.  This shot is also another example of the great colour and light that was on display on the day.

Wentworth Falls lake located in the wentworth falls township is also home to many beautiful waterfalls and I would thoroughly recommend an exploration of this area as it has so much to offer as a destination for those inclined to explore the World Heritage listed blue mountains. It had been too long since I had visited this area and have vowed to get back here more often to explore some more photo opportunities. This photo and more are available for purchasing here.

Thanks for tuning into the blog, have a super week everyone.

Cheers ben

more from the day…

Wenty Lake in Autumn

Wenty Lake in Autumn

Streets aglow with colour

Streets aglow with colour

2 thoughts on “Autumn in the Blue Mountains

  1. Janine Camm says:

    The lake looks beautiful.

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