Adelina Falls

Adelina Falls-Triptych

Nestled down in the mid Blue Mountains is the wonderful little township called Lawson. I had heard rumours that there were some waterfalls in the area for some time and thought it was about time to check these so called waterfalls out. I have to say that I was really surprised at the quality and beauty of the waterfalls in this area. I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to venture into this beautiful part of the mid mountains and felt a little ashamed it had taken me so long to get here. Adelina Falls was only a short stroll into a rainforest like landscape, where lush green ferns and moss cover the sides of the damp sandstone walls. Though the water levels is down due to our lack of significant rainfall, there was plenty for me to work with and it allowed me to create the images above.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating waterfall images in low light as it allows me to harness some wonderful mood within the colour of the water. It reminded me of this image I took in low light resulting in some stunning blue tones due to the absence of light and the long exposure needed to create the image. There are many more waterfalls to explore in the lower Blue Mountains and I look forward to capturing them all in time. I will  definitely be returning to these beautiful areas over this years winter & I look forward to showcasing these hidden gems for you. This image and more can be purchased here.

cheers ben

Moss covered walls

Moss covered walls

lush green ferns

lush green ferns

blue tones

blue tones

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