Valley mood panoramic

Valley mood panoramic

Valley mood panoramic

An integral part of living in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia is dealing with the annual threat of bushfires. In order to control this threat the local Blue Mountains district  RFS do a great job with planned hazard reduction controlled burns throughout the year. Whenever I see or smell  the smoke in the valleys I try and make a point of grabbing my gear and then head out to get some shots. There often is a great mood which settles in  with the added smoke in the valley as seen here.

In capturing the Valley mood panoramic i knew that as the light faded the smoke would turn slightly blue and combined with the low light, it would make a great shot. I waited until the light on the Three Sisters had all but faded, leaving just a small glow on Mount Solitary. At this point I pressed the shutter and I knew I had captured the scene I pre- visualised in my head. The RFS are currently doing allot of hazard reduction burns and I have already captured some more great photos, so stay tuned…..

This print can be purchased here, as well as many other photographs from this great part of the world we live in.

Have a super weekend….

cheers ben

more smoke infused shots

Jamison Glow

Jamison Glow

Jamison in Smoke

Jamison in Smoke

Fading light

Fading light


One thought on “Valley mood panoramic

  1. BrigitteG says:

    Brilliant shots Ben !!
    but I must say… i’m leaning towards ‘Jamison in Smoke’ love the dynamism of the clouds… stunning !!

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