Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival 2013

Carrington lawn dancing- winter Magic 2013- low res

opening the festival- hands, heart & feet

So as the drumbeat fades into the distance it marks the close of another great Winter Magical Festival that was held in world heritage listed, Blue Mountains, Australia. As usual the event was held in Katoomba on the winter solstice, meaning the shortest day of the year. We got lucky with the weather as the rain held off  most of the day & just long enough for the fireworks display, before the skies opened up. This year would see me don the fluoro vest in order to get in close to some of the great action throughout the day.

The official estimates for the crowd this year were in the vicinity of 45000+ which is a great result for all those who put in the huge effort in organising this massive event for the local Blue Mountains community. Allot of these events are normally run by the local chamber of commerce in other towns, this event however is run by the local members of the community. It is a real credit to the locals to get something this large off the ground. There is allot of voluntary work hours that go into the winter magic festival every year to make it a viable option to put run.

The Grand Parade that makes it way up katoomba street had over 700+ people participating and gave the large crowds some great Kodak esque inspired moments to capture. This is always the highlight of the festival as you witness all the weird and wonderful costumes making their way past. One thing I really enjoy is the great personalities you get to chat with throughout the day. These festivals really allow people to embrace,explore & express their creative and quirky personalities. I think this is crucial for the blue mountains community as we are home to some truly exceptionally creative residents.

I felt the need to try and cover allot of the festival this year and in doing so I still missed quite allot of activities. When you are trying to document a large event such as this you don’t have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for the “money shots” as their is far too much to cover. I have seen some great shots from other photographers on the day and I’m happy that I was able to put my own spin on the event as well. Next year i’ll implement a different plan of attack  in covering the event, it’s all a learning curve for me and I love a good challenge. This year we saw the  addition of the newly built Katoomba Cultural Centre which added a wonderful vibrancy to the festival and town atmosphere. The cultural centre hosted some wonderful musical and performance acts that really got the crowd in a fantastic mood throughout the day.

I really enjoyed myself on the day and it was great to see so many families having a fun time too. The finale to the day was again well worth staying around for. Held at the Carrington Hotel, the fireworks display was a real treat for the audience that saw the night sky light up with a great array of colour and sound. If you missed the event this year I urge you to put aside a few hours and come have a look next year…………..I’m sure it will be great!

If you haven’t already seen my album of photos from the day you can see it here-

Have a wonderful weekend, cheers ben                                                                                                                           more shots from the day              

Spiderman delivering newspapers- Winter Magic 2013- low res

Spiderman delivering the news                                                              

Belly dancing- WM 2013- low res

dancing up the street

Street performers-Winter Magic 2013- low res

engaging the crowd

Ben Pearse Photography

drumming to a different beat

Harry Potter- Winter Magic 2013- low res

cute kids in costume

Part of the Act- Winter Magic 2012- low res

eye popping acts

NSW Rural Fire Brigade

lending some help

Get the shot- Winter Magic 2013- low res

straining to get the shot

Carrington lawn dancing- winter Magic 2013- low res

feeling the rhythm

Katoomba Street- Winter Magic 2013 ver 2- low res

standing out in the crowd

St Hildas Church- Winter magic 2013 in colour- low res

singing a song

Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett near Carrington- WM 2013- low res

acting out

I Love Blue Mountains- Winter Magic 2013- low res

catching their eye

Strike a pose- Winter Magic 2013- low res

pausing to pose

Charlie and friend- WM 2013- low res

getting a hug

Dancing- Winter Magic 2013- low res

working the shot

Police band- Winter Magic 2013- low res

marching the street

Having fun-WM 2013- low res

having a ball

Carrington Hotel fireworks- Winter Magic 2013- low res

watching the colours