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Govettes Leap sunrise

Govetts Leap sunrise

Blackheath is a blue mountains town located about ten minutes by road past Katoomba. It is home to one of the most spectacular views of the Grose valley in the upper mountains. Govetts leap offers a truly spectacular view that is popular for tourists visiting the area. I came here hoping to get a beautiful sunrise, however on the day the weather was offering up a different sort of mood.

One of the best things about being a photographer is learning how to adapt to your environment on any given day.Well made plans that you had for a certain location may have to be sidelined as the weather always has the final say. On this occasion I had envisioned a blazing sky of biblical proportions just waiting for me to capture it…….hmmmmm perhaps not. Instead it was a grey and overcast sky that would usher in a new dawn with a nice touch of rain on the side………..great!

Now I knew if just a little light was to break through the thick low cloud it could offer something well worth getting out of bed for. It’s these times that I actually quite like, as you have to be perpetually optimistic as to what a scene can bring with just the slightest change in the weather and a good serving of patience. So with umbrella in hand and eyes fixed on the horizon I waited for the “slice of light” to appear before me. Times like this make the hours of waiting for the right conditions at locations, so worth it.

This photo and more are available to purchase here. Pretty much all the photos I post are available for purchase in different sizes an options, so if you see something you like just shoot me a message to discuss options.

Have a great weekend, I hope you find the time to get outdoors….

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Bridal veil falls

Bridal veil falls

Grose valley panoramic

Grose valley panoramic

Silent dawn

Silent dawn


Minnihaha Falls & Yosemite Creek

Minnihaha Falls stream

Minnihaha Falls in North Katoomba is located downstream from Katoomba creek in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia. As far as tourist destinations go, it would be one of the less frequented locations…….however, it shouldn’t be. I hadn’t been here since my rock climbing days and I’d forgotten how beautiful this place is. Katoomba creek which is the catalyst for the spectacular Minnihaha falls is in it’s own right, stunning! As you can see in the above image the sandstone creek bed appears very “tiger like” with it’s colours and streaked patterns.

Minnihaha Falls panoramic

A short stroll brings you to the main falls and the wonderful rock pool which has formed at the base of the pool. I took a panoramic image of this scene to capture both the falls leading in as well as the rock pool in order to portray the small amphitheatre like atmosphere. I was with a good mate of mine, simone, a pro photographer herself, and we then proceeded to immerse ourselves with finding intriguing compositions of the area. I got down low for this shot as I wanted to make a strong composition with some nice blue water in the foreground.

Minnihaha falls upclose

I really enjoy going to the not so popular destinations around the Blue Mountains and showcasing them so that people will perhaps visit them at some stage on their journies. These prints are avaialble for purchasing here as well as many others. I took a stroll with a mate to some waterfalls around Lawson this morning, so stay tuned for more waterfall action in the next week….

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Katoomba creekMinnihaha-FallsMinnihaha Falls Abstract